August 20, 2023

We Celebrate 125 Years

By firstchurch

The gathering for the 125th tribute to First Church was a beautiful cross section of Christian Science in Phoenix.

We discussed the history of the church, previous Sunday School experiences, and some notable church members, like Douglas Churchill.

The event was a joyful exchange of ideas and gave space for reflection on the most interesting stories.

For instance, around the beginning of the 20th century, the church moved to a place called Old Fellow’s Hall and stayed for one month and was then asked to find a new space.

Roosevelt Street is the main thoroughfare of the Evans-Churchill neighborhood in north Downtown Phoenix. First Street and Roosevelt is the previous location of First Church for 78 years.

Douglas Churchill was a beloved church member and namesake of the neighborhood. Gratitude for the remarkable contributions in service to this church was overflowing as we reminisced about him and other church members.